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Experience in different systems... all which do the same thing.

Our Fields of Expertise

We work with some of the biggest names in the business.

  • Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter
  • Admob Ads, iAd Mobile Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising, Twitter Tweets, Myspace Ads

Platforms We Works With

In these big name platforms, suggested bids are nothing but a way to take your money. They won't tell you, but we will. We work to negotiate the lowest rates available so that you aren't wasting clicks and overspending. The upselling is where you want to focus on bringing up your margins, as they help determine if you make it or break it.

Specific mobile partner programs help us show more relevant ads which creates more engaged users that in return generate higher revenue. These highly tested platforms are flexible in commanding an audience with custom targeting features. These data rich profiles of mobile users provides programmatic approaches to how and why certain options can be triggered.

Long gone is the guerilla marketing tactics that once was the hype. The world has gone social and networks are more important than ever. With increased communication and organizations to foster brand awarness, customer attention is gained through these interactive networks. Have you gone social yet? If not, web media does not wait for the old fashioned.

Adcentric Enterprises has branded itself as one of the top coreg companies in launching and optimizing which advertisements and marketing methods through the paths yield the most optimum results. We have access to multiple coreg paths with different niche categories in which we have proven to supply over one million uniques a month.